Furnace Installations in Markham, ON

Furnace Installations in Markham, Ontario

How would you like a new furnace for just $2299.00, installed! And as Markham furnace installations experts, we can also help you qualify for a credit of up to $250.00!

Your new furnace is more affordable than you think. So, don’t delay or put up with an old, clunky, loud, or energy-wasting furnace. We can help you pick the perfect unit for your home and install it; quickly and affordably!

Custom Furnace Installations

We don’t just prescribe one-size-fits-all solutions to heat your home. We help you find the perfect unit for your space, whether you’re a new build or classic heritage home.

Are you losing heat to bad ductwork? Our furnace experts will do a full assessment of your space and your entire system layout to find out if you’re losing any heat/ money to a leaky or inefficient system.

We will also remove your old furnace for you, professionally and safely.

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We’ve been Markham’s go-to furnace installation company since 2009. Want to find out how we can help you?

“Andrew installed a new furnace with duct work for our home. From our first meeting we felt comfortable with the advice he gave us and really appreciated that he was not trying to sell us something we didn’t need. His workmanship was neat and creative with the space he had to work in. Thank you Andrew.” – Recent Customer

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