Furnace Repairs in Richmond Hill, ON

Furnace Repair in Richmond Hill, Ontario

A broken furnace often starts with a few funny noises, then no noise at all as your furnace stops working completely. Now, you’re left trying to find someone in Richmond Hill who does furnace repairs.

When your furnace breaks, this is not a “maybe tomorrow” type of problem. This is a “right now” problem. Your home is very literally getting colder by the minute in the dead of one of Ontario’s winters, so you need this fixed ASAP.

Also, disasters don’t only happen between the business hours of 9-6. This is why we offer fast and affordable 24/7 emergency repairs.

How Do I Know I Need a Repair?

As we said earlier, your furnace will sometimes give you warning signs that it’s going to fail very soon.

Always beware of:

  • Sudden increases in your utility bills
  • Smelling gas or other new odours
  • The age and warranty of your model

The sooner you can catch any of these problems, the better!

Richmond Hill’s Best Air Conditioner Installations

We have been serving the area since 2009 and take pride in the level of service we provide to our customers in the Richmond Hill area.

“Andrew provided excellent customer service from start to finish and even showed us where something had previously not been installed properly and he fixed that for us too. He is honest and fair and he did not try to sell us something we did not need” – Karen and Sean W, Customers.

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