Air Conditioner Maintenance that Will Cool You Off

During the summer months, no one wants to suddenly find that their air conditioner isn’t working. You suddenly remember that last summer it didn’t seem to be running as smoothly as before and it wasn’t cooling as well. It’s easy to forget all about air conditioner maintenance during the winter months, but there are some warning signs that will let you know your air conditioner needs some attention. Air Conditioner Maintenance that Will Cool You Off

  • No Cool Air – If your air conditioner is making you more miserable by blowing hot air into the space you are trying to cool, it is definitely time for air conditioner maintenance!
  • Weak Air Flow – The unit is blowing cold air . . . sort of. This could be a sign that the compressor is failing. Or, if one room stays hot and the others are cold, you could have ductwork issues. You will need maintenance to get it running again.
  • Unusual Sounds – Clanking, sputtering, squealing, grinding? Noises indicate something inside the unit has gone wrong, and without air conditioner maintenance, it could lead to an expensive replacement.
  • Bad Smells – Does the smell coming from your unit make you want to turn it off and just deal with the heat? This could indicate wiring insulation has burned out or there is mold growing in the unit. The last thing you need is to contaminate the air while your air conditioner isn’t working!
Air Conditioner MaintenanceAndrew at Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been in the industry for many years and prides himself on excellent customer service and quality care. Day or night, when you need help, he will come to assist you with your air conditioner maintenance needs. Don’t ignore the warning signs that your air conditioner has a problem! Have it serviced right away to keep your unit running smoothly from year to year.