Pool Heater Installation and Repair

Heated outdoor swimming pool with large home in background with green trees

There is nothing as refreshing as having a pool to cool you off on a hot day. When the weather changes to cooler days and nights, it is equally relaxing and energizing to take a dip in a warm pool. With an efficient pool heater installation, you can enjoy the pool season and leisure time much longer. Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning installs and repairs different types and brands of pool heaters. You can call their licensed professionals when you need pool heater repair or schedule an appointment to ensure that there are no mechanical problems with your heater, ensuring a safe season.

What do you do if your pool heater doesn’t heat?  Make sure that all elements including thermostat, pumps filter, pilot light and the electrical box are working before rushing to buy a new unit. Very often it is small issue and can easily by fixed by a pool heater repair service. At Andrews Heating and Air Conditioning, they are well equipped to handle a range of pool heater services in Barrie, from installation to repair to regular maintenance and emergency services. If you have any queries regarding pool heater installation call them today. If you want to get the utmost from your pool and have a longer life span of your pool heater system, book a maintenance check up each year to ensure everything is functioning well.

Andrews Heating and Air Conditioning offer first-rate pool heater installation and will work with you to select the unit, brand, and models that is most suitable for your needs and suits your budget. You need to get a pool heater installation that is correct size for your pool, to maintain comfortable pool water temperature while keeping energy costs down. There is nothing more relaxing than soaking in a heated pool and you need a pool heater that can maintain the temperatures without costing you a fortune.

If your pool heater is not working and you need to have pool heater repaired, call Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning now.