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We’ll answer your questions and provide a customer-focused approach to your air conditioner replacement.

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Air Conditioner Replacement in Barrie – You might grumble when you discover you need air conditioner replacement. It always seems like it comes at the most inconvenient time! Luckily, you have our team at Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning on your side to help you choose a new unit and provide expert installation. Our goal is to keep you comfortable all summer long. Air conditioner replacement can provide many benefits, including saving money on your utility bills.

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Air Conditioner Replacement May Be Your Best Option

  • Inefficient & Frequent Break Downs – Does your unit have trouble cooling consistently, or is it always breaking down? Low efficiency from your air conditioner could mean you are paying more to operate it than it would cost to purchase a new unit. Don’t waste your money on repairs when air conditioner replacement can save you money!
  • Low Comfort Level – Is your air conditioner constantly running, but it just isn’t cooling properly? Sometimes a unit may not be sized correctly for your home, or an older unit may be at the end of its life. air conditioner replacement can help you better control and enjoy the comfort level in your home.
  • Unit Age – Your air conditioner may not be running its best if your unit is more than ten years old. Constant repairs can be more expensive than having your whole unit replaced. Don’t keep tossing money at your older unit if we can help you choose a more efficient option.

You’ll be glad you called us at Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning once you’ve talked with our friendly and knowledgeable technicians. We’ll answer your questions and provide a customer-focused approach to your air conditioner replacement, so you get the best value for your Barrie, ON home. Don’t wait until your air conditioner stops running and you need last-minute service. Contact us today to discuss your options!

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