air condition repair serviceA lot has changed in the air conditioning technology in recent years and it may be worth to get air conditioner replacement if your unit has had a significant breakdown or if it is not keeping your room as cool as it should. There are many of us who may think that replacement is not affordable, but when you install a more advanced and efficient unit it will consume much less electricity and possibly save a lot on your energy bills. If you want to know more about the financial implications in the long run, you can get in touch with Andrew’s air conditioner contractor to calculate your return on the investment you make.

Repair may not be worth the expense especially if your air conditioner is over eight years old, still the best way to evaluate your repair-or-replace decision is to ask the contractor to assess the condition of the existing system as well as the ducts and the overall home insulation. Often just improving them may enhance the effectiveness of your air conditioner. A 10 year old air conditioner can suck up to twice the amount of electricity as compared to a low end new one. The reason being that it operates at or below 10 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the energy required for a specific cooling output. Till 2006 the standard was set at 10 SEER, now the minimum level is set at 13 SEER. This will translate into 30% less consumption and lower cooling bills.

When you decide to get air conditioner replacement, you need to research all your options. Don’t go and buy the first AC system you like. Analyze its efficiency, and what your requirements in term of size and type. It is also important to ensure that you hire the best technicians for the installation.  Andrew’s air conditioner contractor can guide you through the air conditioner installation process.

Below is a list of the manufactures that offer the best Air Condition Unit for your needs: