Air Conditioner Replacement, Innisfil, ON

Air Conditioner Replacement in Innisfil, OntarioYou can actually save money by upgrading your Innisfil home with air conditioner replacement.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Innisfil – Do you feel apprehension every time you turn on your home’s air conditioner? If you do, is it because you shudder at the high utility bills or because you are fearful it won’t turn on? These are not uncommon sentiments, particularly if your air conditioner is quite a few years old. We understand how you feel at Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning, and we welcome the chance to talk with you about the benefits you could be enjoying with air conditioner replacement.

An older system is not only a costly one in terms of more frequent repairs, but it is also costing you more money than you may realize. Today’s high-efficiency air conditioning units operate using less electricity than older units, even if the older one would be able to still work at its peak performance. Depending on how old your unit is, you could start saving anywhere from 20% to 40% on your energy bills. That goes a long ways toward paying for your air conditioner replacement! You’ll spend the money either way, so it makes sense to put it toward improving your home’s value instead of handing it over to the utility company each month.

In addition to saving money and increasing your Innisfil, Ontario home’s value, you will be quite pleasantly surprised at the increased comfort level you will experience with air conditioning replacement. It is not usually noticeable that your unit is not giving you its best, since it happens gradually, but once you have a new unit, you’ll know instantly what you have been missing. It gives us a lot of pleasure to hear the reports from our customers afterwards.

If this sounds like something you want to consider, give us a call. We’ll be glad to give you an assessment of your system and a quote for air conditioning replacement.

At Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer high-quality air conditioner replacement services in InnisfilBarrie, Alliston, Angus, and Midhurst, Ontario.