It May Be Hot Out, But It’s Time to Think About Furnace Replacement!

Furnace Replacement in Barrie, OntarioHere at Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that when you are excruciatingly hot in the summer, worrying about how you will keep warm in the winter is probably one of the farthest things from your mind.   Even though you may not recognize the opportunity, the end of summer is still a great time to be thinking about the state of your furnace. While you are busy pursuing all of the pleasures of summertime, your mind is far away from the cold temperatures that are certain to arrive with winter.  However, by the time you are freezing in the winter, you want a furnace that will function well and keep you warm, which means that the time for checking up on the health of your furnace is long past.  The best way to keep yourself comfortable this winter is by having furnace replacement completed in advance of winter. Now that you’ve figured out the timing, the only question left is how to determine whether you need a new furnace.  There are a few key warning signs that will signal the need for a new furnace.  For example, if you remember that last year’s energy bills were higher than normal, if your furnace cycled off and on a lot, if your thermostat didn’t work properly, or if your furnace made strange noises, you may need a new furnace.  Another fairly reliable indicator that furnace replacement is an option is the age of your furnace. If the thought of being cozy this winter, along with our list of potential furnace issues has you curious about the health of your furnace, contact us today.  We will gladly come and assess the state of your furnace and provide you with furnace replacement if needed.  In order to provide you with the best furnaces at prices that will fit in your budget, we are pleased to offer affordable options.  Don’t be stuck wrapping up in blankets this winter—rather, let us get your furnace functioning well so that you can actually enjoy the winter.