January is a Rough Month to Need Furnace Repair at Your Barrie Home

Furnace Repair in Innisfil, Ontario Let’s face it– it gets downright frigid in Barrie, Ontario during the winter. The last thing you need is to realize your home is not being kept as comfortable as you and your family would like it to be. It is definitely a rough month to need furnace repair, for a couple of reasons. One, you do not want to be without heat during the furnace repair, which hopefully will just be an hour or two, but could be longer. Additionally, you may have had a bit more holiday cheer recently than you thought you would and dipped into your emergency fund, so dealing with furnace repairs may be a tough nut to swallow. The good news on both counts is that often furnace repair is not as time-consuming or as costly as you might initially fear. There are a number of smaller issues that won’t disrupt you too much. For example, if you are having furnace problems, it is possible that it just needs a few adjustments. Perhaps a sensor needs to be cleaned or some other small fix needs to be made. In any case, a quick call to us at Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning should get this resolved in no time. We have the proper equipment to diagnose and repair your furnace problem. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to furnace repair is that the sooner you make the call when you do not have heat, the less chance you’ll be freezing cold before the furnace repair is taken care of. If you call us at Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll get to your home promptly, and we encourage you to call any time of the day or night. Our 24-hour emergency service for furnace repair will have you toasty before you know it.