Outwit Winter’s Chill with Timely Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance in Barrie, OntarioAt Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how much you enjoy keeping warm in the winter.  Since this is November, the weather is becoming colder, and you may be paying more attention to the low temperatures at night—particularly if your furnace isn’t functioning properly.  When your furnace is functioning under maximum capacity, your comfort levels suffer, and you may be painfully aware of exactly how cold it is outside.  Unfortunately, by the time you discover that your furnace is malfunctioning, you may have to endure some cold nights as you wait for your furnace to be repaired or replaced.  However, if you are wise, you can call on us for furnace maintenance now, before the nights become unbearably cold.  Remember—time is of the essence! If you have considered having us come out to perform furnace maintenance for you, why not call on us today?  During our furnace maintenance, we will check filters and connections; look for cracks; and test switches, burners and safety controls.  Once we’ve determined the condition of your furnace, we will provide you with a report on the state of your furnace and steps that you can take to ensure that it will function smoothly this winter. Get a head start on a comfortable winter by having us come to perform furnace maintenance for you now.  We have vast experience servicing all makes and models of furnaces and are confident in our ability to correctly assess and assist you with yours.  Our commitment to quality means that we will provide you with honest, reliable service.  Let us help keep you comfortable this winter!