Tired of Cold Water in the Shower? Let Water Heater Repair Fix That

Water Heaters in Barrie, OntarioAt Andrew’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how annoying it can be to have cold water in your shower—trust us, we don’t enjoy it either.  After all, when you want to relax and let the water calm you, there’s no better way to put a damper on your expectations than to have cold water splash you in the face, making you tense up and erasing any sort of relaxation.  If you are serious about enjoying the hot water again, you need to seek out water heater repair as soon as possible. While the lack of hot water is just one sign that you need water heater repair, there are others that you can look for if you suspect that your water heater may be experiencing issues.  Some of these signs include things such as:

  • Water that is rust-coloured instead of clear
  • Strange noises
  • Water on the floor surrounding the water heater
  • The age of your water heater
The older that your water heater is, the more likely it is that you will need water heater repair.  When you are ready to have hot water whenever you need it, call on us for water heater repair. We will respond quickly, ready to assess the condition of your water heater and provide you with water heater repair that will get the hot water flowing in your home again, quickly and freely.  We have experience servicing all makes and models of water heaters.  Let us be the ones you turn to for all of your water heater needs!